• Satguru Naatha Saranam Jaya Jaya - Sachidananda Saranam Jaya Jaya !

Significance of Ablutions

Following are the items commonly used for pooja and their significanceimg_Pooja_Items

1. Gingelly Oil- For goodness

2. Pancha Kaviyam-Milk-Curd-Jaggery-Honey-Komiyam (Cow’s Urine)- For purity of mind.

3. Pancha Mirtham- For victory

4. Ghee- For moksha – liberation from birth

5. Milk- For longevity

6. Curd-  For fame

7. Sugarcane Juice- For good health

8. Honey- Gives the grace of Saraswathi – For the excellence of all arts – music – dance etc.

9. Fruit Juice- Removes fear of death – Fearlessness

10. Tender Coconut- Gives good position in work

11. Sandal wood Paste- To achieve oneness with God

12. Kumbha Kalasa Water- Gives the grace of Astha Lakshmi – Wealth bestover

13. Clothing of God- Removes poverty

12. Benzoin- Benzoin is a pathological product, the formation of which is induced by injuring to the trees, Styrax benzoin Dryander and S.Paralleloneura Brans, family Styraceae. Benzoin is a hard, brittle masses consisting of opaque, creamy-white tears embedded in a dull, grayish-brown or reddish- brown matrix. It contains esters of cinnamic and benzoic acids,traces of Benzaldehyde,vanillin, phenylpropyl cocinnamate, styrol and styracin, all of which combine to produce its fragrance. Benzoin externally, is a stimulant and antiseptic. It has an antiseptic effect in prayer hall and room and its smoke is offered to Deities and Gurus. For example, Tincture of Benzoin used for wounds and cuts.

13. Camphor- Camphor is burned and offered to Guru and Deities and its vapour is dissipated into the atmosphere. Likewise all your Karmas to be burned and the individual soul (Jivatma) to be merged with the Supreme soul (Paramatma).

14. Incense Sticks- The burning of incense sticks transmits pleasant fragrance which develops a conducive atmosphere for praying and meditation.

15. Coconut- The fibers in the coconut relates to our Karmas. The white part inside resembles your pure soul. The coconut is broken and offered to God to burn all the Karmas and shattering of ego and finally to realize “SELF” and to merge with supreme Paramatma