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karmaKARMA is a sanskrit word which comes from the root word “KRI” means “TO ACT”. It signifies action or deed.

The LAW OF KARMA is a LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. It means that every action is a cause and it produces an effect sooner or later. Any work, any action, any thought that produces an effect is a Karma. Everything you do physical or mental is a Karma. All living beings are subjected to this law of Karma. Newtonís third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Action is good or bad depends upon individual desire and reaction is experienced accordingly.

We are born in the world according to the karmas. You are responsible for your own actions. Problems are created by you and you have to solve them by yourself or with the assistance of others. Your thoughts and actions make your own destiny. Good thoughts lead to good actions and resulting in good karmas. Bad thoughts lead to bad actions and bad karmas. So always think good thoughts and if time permits, chant holy verses or mantras verbally or mentally. Do always good deeds, serve, love and make others happy and you will be happy. Do not hurt others by words, deeds or thoughts. This is good deed or karma.

God decides the reward or punishment that a person deserves with respect to his Karmas.


There are three types of Karma namely SANCHITA KARMA, PRARABDHA KARMA and KRIYAMANA KARMA.

    Sanchita means the stock of karmas or accumulation of good and bad actions. The sum total and store-house of all our good and bad actions in the innumerable past lives is called Sanchita Karma. God grants each soul a body according to its previous karma
    This is an unavoidable karma from the previous lives. You have to pay in the form of sorrow and suffering or in the case business it is a profit or loss.

The new karmas we perform and accumulate in this birth is called Kriyamana Karmas. It is a karma resulting from the present actions. Man is free to act in any way he likes.


The law of karma applies to a nation or particular group of people or other living beings and the sorrow and suffering at the same time is called a COLLECTIVE KARMA. For example, a plane crashes and all the passengers and crew are killed. A flood or fire destroys a place and some residents in that area are injured and killed.

After death the soul reincarnates until all karmas are resolved and then free from samsara – cycle of births and rebirths and “SELF” and “GOD” realization is attained. Each soul is free to find his own way according to the karmas, whether by devotion, austerity, selfless service or meditation.