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Secrets of Vedanta (Jeeva Brahma Aikya Vedanta Rahasiiyam in Tamil & Telugu) and in English ” Identity of Jiva and Brahma- Soul and God)”. Swamiji had written and published the following book:

  1. Yoga Abyasam – Pranayama
  2. Secrets of Janana and Marana (Secrets of Birth and Death)
  3. Sri Bhagavad Gita
  4. Life of Sri Kabir Dass
  5. Books of Cuddapah Sri Paramahamsa Sachidananda Yogeeshwar’s Biography and Ways of Worship in Tamil & English were published by Yogi Ramananda. He may be contacted at +6012-9320010 – Malaysia

This book is invaluable and it shows how to live religion and attain emancipation. It discloses all the  most important truths. Unique and unparalleled therefore in its kind, it has great dignity and force of truth behind,having been written by a spiritual swami who has rent the veil that conceals the real Man and come in contact with the Spiritual Truth, by one is a Jivan Mukta, an Avadhuta, a Pararamhamsa, i.e., one who has mastered that most invisible Hamsa and realized Brahman on this mundane world. To him who has realized the Unqualified, Universal – Intelligence – Bliss common to all religions, there is no difference of caste, creed or religion and His watchword has ever been “OPENNESS” or “VETTAVELI”. Sri Yogeeshwara had shown in his own self most clearly that REALIZATION  of the one great idea- DIVINITY IN MAN  or REALIZATION OF THY  SELF . Realization of Self leads to Realization of God within. The goal of this human life is to know Thy Self and finally to attain MOKSHAM.

Swamiji had explained through this excellent and easily understandable book as follows:-

  • How man is haunted by numerous and various bonds on earth.how man is haunted by numerous and various bonds on earth. How to fulfill the supreme purpose of life with the destruction of mind. What the state of the universe was before evolution.
  • What our body truly is with all its attachments.

In short, Swami had explained in a few chapters in this book

  • The threefold bodies of man,the combination of the five elementsthe composition of the gross bodythe inner senses the three qualitiesthe different states of consciousness
  • The quintessence of the teachings of the Upanishads.

This book contains apt, numerous and valuable quotations from  most of the Upanishads, Puranas, Ithihasas and teachings of Sri Bhagravad Gita.

Swami has dealt  at great length the important subject of PRANAYAMA by a vivid explanation of practising it in our daily life and attaining salvation. Yogeeshwara had even prescribed certain important remedies through herbs and diet to remove certain harmful changes in the body while practising Pranayama.

Cuddapah Swami had shown clearly that one need not betake oneself to the forest as an ASCETIC for salvation  but one may live as a true KARMA YOGI in the midst of this world of strife and turmoil, practice Pranayama and finally realize the self divinity within – Brahman.

Swami had  given other ways of setting the mind at rest and attaining salvation as in the chapters on GAYATRI MANTROPADESAM, RAJA YOGA, PANCHAKSHARA MANTROPADESAM SRI RAMA MANTROPADESAM and MANASA PUJA.

Each and every chapter is invaluable and reveals with simplicity and openness of exposition many a secret truth. So every one without distinction of age, caste, creed or status in life may adopt any of the methods suited to his or her mentality and practice it.

Swami had disclosed the secrets of underlying the outward symbols of Hinduism such  as the secret of Nataraja’s dance.