• Satguru Naatha Saranam Jaya Jaya - Sachidananda Saranam Jaya Jaya !

About Yogi Ramananda


B.Pharmacy (India), R.Ph, M.M.P.S. , A.M.I.H

He was born in 1947 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 1974, he obtained a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from University Madras, Tamil Nadu, South India. He is a registered pharmacist since 1974. He had worked as a pharmacist in government sector for 16 years  as well as private sector for 8 years. In 1990, he was awarded World Health Organisation (W.H.O) fellowship to undergo a training in pharmacy at Whittington Hospital and Royal Free Hospital, London, U.K. He was awarded as outstanding pharmacist in sales of medicines at Guardian Pharmacy, Malaysia, after counselling to the customers & patients. He was awarded a Certificate of accomplishment, a Crystal Trophy and a monetory gift for his performance.

He was a religious teacher for 8 years at Arulmigu Sri Ramalingeswara Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.   Being   a disciple of Cuddapah Sri Paramahamsa Sachidananda Yogeeshwar, he adopted the spiritual path of Vettaveli Parampara laid down by His Holiness and he was conferred the spiritual name “Yogi Ramananda” in Bangalore by Cuddapah Sri Paramahamsa Sachidananda Yogeeshwar Mathalayam Trust.

He is the author and publisher of a Tamil book named “DHIYANAM” (Meditation) on Satguru’s 130th birthday Celebration on 16-02-1995. He published and lovingly dedicated to his beloved Satguru Cuddapah Swamigal a Tamil and English book of BIOGRAPHY AND WAYS OF WORKSHIP on 16-02-1997 (132nd birthday celebration) and 16-02-1998 (133rd birthday celebration) respectively.

He deliveres lectures about His Holiness, ways of worship and meditation in Bangalore, Chennai and Malaysia.

He has established “Cuddapah Sri Paramahamsa Sachidananada Yogeeshwara Yoga Centres” in Ampang, Malaysia and Tambaram, Chennai, South India.

Currently, Yogi Ramananda travels around the world preaching the teachings and philosophy of Cuddapah Swami and the essence of yoga and meditation for the benefit of mankind, strengthening the bedrock of the Hindu Religion and sincerely guiding those who ardently come to him with a hope of self discovery in this high-tech world through his Pentium Super Computer and pshycic foresight. Well this is the gift of sincere yoga and meditation.

Paramahamsa Sacchidananda Cuddapah Swami Ki Jai.

Satguru Natha Saranam Jaya Jaya, Sachidananda Saranam Jaya Jaya.


I would like to thank the following disciples and well wishers for their continous support. May the divine grace of Cuddapah Sri Paramahamsa Sachidananda Yogeshwar bless them with happiness and good health. May all their wishes come true.


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(I surrender myself at the Feet of Satguru, May He confer victory on me)

 OM SHANTHI !          OM SHANTHI !          OM SHANTHIHI !